You and VoIP

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a means of delivering voice, video and messaging communication over the Internet as opposed to through traditional telecommunications companies. It is also commonly referred to as Internet telephony or broadband phone. Basically, the technology allows for far cheaper calls to anywhere in the world by harnessing the access and reach of the Internet itself, as opposed to country-based phone services.

How Does VoIP Work?

Basically, VoIP technology takes analog signals (the kind that are made when we made a voice call over a normal telephone) and converts them to digital signals which can be transmitted online through a computer. VoIP phone systems are to regular phones what the mp3 was to the CD–a far more efficient way of getting the information across. The VoIP phone looks just like a normal phone, except that instead of connecting to a phone outlet, it connects straight into your router and comes equipped with all the necessary hardware and equipment to make phone calls through the Internet. You don’t require a VoIP phone system to use VoIP technology, however–you can make calls directly from your computer as well, either by purchasing an inexpensive microphone to attach to your machine or (as is the case with most of the newer computers and laptops on the market) simply speak into your computer’s in-built microphone.

How Can it Help My Business?

Think about the amount of time your employees spend on the phone. Depending on the kind of business you run, this could be the majority of their time, which means that a big chunk of your overhead goes towards phone bills. Outbound call centers and other customer-oriented businesses rack up astronomical phone bills, but by installing a VoIP telephone system, these companies could literally save thousands of dollars. Making a phone call is extremely inexpensive, even overseas, and with the added bonus of video-calls, we’re guessing your travel expenses will soon plummet as well.

What can NewCall do for your Business?

 At NewCall we can install and service your own IP PBX, or manage and install a hosted solution. If your a small business and looking to leverage cost savings. Or a medium to large business looking to bridge communications gaps between remote offices or tele workers, NewCall has the solution for you. Visit our LINKS page and tell us about your business and its needs..